At American Financial Security, LLC, we provide quality tax preparation and a wide range of business services. While you do what you love and are good at, we are doing the same, in supporting the financial and record keeping side of your business.


Tax time stress? We understand. With the IRS constantly making changes to the tax code, rules and qualifications, it’s no wonder. But, we can help! Our experienced professionals are here for you every step of the way, with personalized tax preparation services.


Individual, Corporations, Partnerships, Home Owner Associations, Estate and Fiduciary Returns, Amendments to Prior Years, Multi-State Returns, 2nd Opinion Reviews, Employment / Payroll Returns


Tax Planning Includes:

  • Timing of Income
  • Withholding Requirements
  • Finding and Documenting Deductions


American Financial Security, LLC and Ronald Stevenson do not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor. In the event that you do not have your own attorney or tax professional we will partner with local CPA firms to provide tax services.